Hobby Tutorial: Mortarion's Wings

Hobby Tutorial: Mortarion's Wings

Mortarion’s Wings:


Prep step
1. Prime the wing in white and bone colour with spray can.
2. Dilute some sybarite green with lahmian medium and paint on the areas closer to the flesh. This is to have some contrast with the purple skin later on.


Hand brush step
1. I like to use gw lahmian medium and use it to mix with gw washes. 
2. Using a large brush and hairdryer to speed things up, we apply the diluted sepia wash to the wing.
Leaving the areas with sybarite green untouched. 
3. Repeat the above with some agrax earthshade, leaving some areas with sepia untouched.
4. Again but this time with Druchii violet wash.
Focusing on the wing tips and broken areas. 
5. Mix some diluted coelia greenshade and wash the sybarite areas, this will help pick up the green.

By now, you should have a nicely shaded wing.

1. Wash the flesh areas with druchii violet
2. Basecoat the flesh and veins with warpflesh grey
3. Then add edge lilac to highlight it
4. Spiky hairs are black with some grey highlights
4. Pick out the boils with some edge orange and edge yellow.

After thoughts...

This is to help those who do not have access to an airbrush.

If your washes are thinned down enough, you can shade the wing even without an airbrush.

Rico Chia has been a miniature painter for many years, bringing models to life with the use of colour. He has won a couple of Golden Demon categories in Australia, is based in Hong Kong, and is now looking to create models for others to bring to life.

He is part of a company that shares a world of unique characters, Mirico, a boutique collectibles brand from Singapore. Working closely with a family of artists, Mirico strive to bring their customers the best unique collectibles. They started in 2017 and have launched many miniature busts over the past 2 years. You can find out more about the company here: Mirico

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