Hobby Tutorial: Chipping effects

Hobby Tutorial: Chipping effects

Hi all!

I am Dezzo and I will be doing series of tutorials that is about combining a series of intermediate techniques that you can incorporate into your miniatures.

Today's tutorial is about chipping effects with a chipping medium. Some people use hairspray (which I can cover if there is a demand for it) or an auxiliary medium like Vallejo's Chipping Medium or AK Interactive's Heavy Chipping Fluid.

Do note that I am using an airbrush in this tutorial as it is a useful tool at various stages of the tutorial.


Here is a list of things I will be using:

  • 1 Primaris Marine

  • Wooden toothpick

  • Hairdryer

  • A fine brush (0 or 1 will do)

  • Vallejo Game Color Dead White

  • Vallejo Chipping Medium

  • Tamiya German Grey Spray (Primer)

  • Airbrush Compressor

  • Airbrush (0.35 nozzle)


For this technique to work well, a dark primer is required as the overcoat will be a much lighter colour. I will be using German Grey as a primer and Dead White as an overcoat. You can also go inverse (light primer with dark overcoat).


After the primer dried, I airbrushed the Chipping Medium on. It is added into the cup with no solvent as it is designed that way. I then dried that layer with the hairdryer before airbrushed a light layer of Dead White. I did not thin this paint with water but with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner as it will not react with the Chipping Medium.

I also dried the model with the hairdryer after that.


Chipping tends to happen on edges of surfaces representing wear and tear.


You should use the toothpick as a tool to pick out edges. Vallejo Chipping Medium is known to be quite reactive. However, you do not need to wet the model to chip the edges. All you need is to wet the toothpick and slowly chip the Dead White layer away.


On larger surfaces, you can add some chipping to represent battle damage. Using the tip of the wet brush stipple on the Dead White surface and dab a bit of the layer away.


The after effects is apparent as the dark primer will contrast on the lighter overcoat. When you are satisfied with the results, you should seal the surface with a light layer of varnish. I use Vallejo Matt Varnish applied with the airbrush.

I used this chipping technique on my Death Guard army and on a 1/35 scale Stug III/F:

In my next tutorial, I will cover how to compliment the chipping effect with other weathering techniques after the base coats and washes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this tutorial, I hope you have found this useful!

Dezzo is a commission-based miniatures painter with over 15 years of experience. He keeps an online documentation of his work on Instagram @dezzo_dezzo.

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