Hobby Tutorial: Painting Mortarion

Hobby Tutorial: Painting Mortarion


Preparation before airbrushing

Reason: black & white creates contrast that will aid your vision of light & shadow and also easier for light colours to go on white base.

* I started with chaos black primer. 
* Spray some white primer so, colours can go on easier.

Fun airbrushing begins!

Rico's settings

  • Always 20 to 30 psi, 

  • Thin your paints to the consistency of milk

  • 0.2 to 0.3 airbrush

  • Use what you feel comfortable with.

Mortarion's Armour


1) Start from light to dark (Personal RULE)
2) Airbrush on duck egg green on all armor parts
3) Start to shade with Eau De Nil Green to give it the greenish hue
4) Mix the existing paint with Cam. Green and shade lightly

* Your model should look like small Pic 3 and these are the light colours on your armour

1) Add Dark Green to your mix and focus the colours at the lower parts of the armour
2) Next is Cam. Dark green on the shadow areas
3) Finally Black for the extreme shadows.

*Your model should look like small Pic 6


I love washes cos they are efficient and fast.
Gw makes great washes and you can dilute them with Lahmian medium to create different concentrations.
I always pre-dilute my washes in separate bottles. πŸ˜‰

To tie all the colours I use a premix wash.

1) mix gw camo green wash, sepia and lahmian yellow

2) make sure your consistency is like what is shown on the tissue. 

3) DON'T BE AFRAID & wash the whole model. 

4) Make sure you cover the little holes on the armor as well.

*Your model should look like Big Pic below.


Mortarion's Face

To me, the face is the most important feature of any model!

Most pple will judge a model just from the face as well.

Human nature! πŸ˜‚

Morty has a sick and undead flesh.

Here's the tutorial using only Games Workshop paints.

Undead face tutorial

  1. Base face with Rakarth flesh and flayed one flesh/ wych flesh

  2. Wash with diluted fleshshade and camoshade (with lahmian medium).

  3. Wash eye sockets with Carroburg Crimson

  4. Highlight flesh with flayed one flesh/wych flesh and white scar air

  5. Glaze with moot green air for poisoned, sick, look

  6. Paint the eye bags with screamer pink and highlight with emperor's children

  7. For the eyes, base with celestra grey. Dot the pupils with spacewolf grey. Highlight with a whitescar dot for light reflection.


Turquoise smoke

I personally loved this colour when I first saw Anna's turquoise work at chest of colours long time ago.

I personally loved this colour when I first saw Anna's turquoise work at chest of colours long time ago.

**Make sure your model is primed with black, and then white.
This initial shading helps you to visualise and add the colours.

1) Base coat with gw rakarth flesh and gw screaming skull

2) Next i mix in temple guard blue air and paint half the cloak.

Note: I like air paints because they are thinned down and easy to blend.

3) Sybarite Green is mixed in next. This will create a light turquoise colour and will blend smoothly in colour transition. You should get a result similar to Pic 2

4) Sotek Green and Kantor Blue are next. Keep painting towards the end of the flames. Remember to paint them on in thin layers.

5) Finally some Black to the mixture for the ends of the flames.

6) Glazing the flames

  • Mix Coeila Shade (Turquoise wash) with Lahmian Medium and glaze the flames.

  • Glazing is different from washing.

  • Glazing uses only thin layers without flooding the model. 

  • This will tie all the colours together. 

  • Focus on the turquoise parts

7) Wash the cloth

  • Mix earthshade wash with lahmain medium

  • Wash the cloth

8) Touch up the white cloth with rakarth flesh and screaming skull


a) Highlight flames with white scar, focus on the areas where you want your audience to see.

b) Highlight cloth with screaming skull.

A lot of steps but that is part of the fun!

Nurgling companions


Little horns 
1) Base with rakarth flesh mix screaming skull 
2) wash Earthshade and nuln oil at the tips.
3) Highlight with screaming skull

Little wings
1) Base with celestra grey and skull white
2) Wash with gw blue glaze and lahmian medium
3) highlight with ulthuan grey and light blue

Little fumes
1) Base with gw thousands blue
2) wash with coelia shade
3) highlight with thousands blue and gauss blaster green

Stay tuned for the Tutorial on Morty’s Wings

Rico Chia has been a miniature painter for many years, bringing models to life with the use of colour. He has won a couple of Golden Demon categories in Australia, is based in Hong Kong, and is now looking to create models for others to bring to life.

He is part of a company that shares a world of unique characters, Mirico, a boutique collectibles brand from Singapore. Working closely with a family of artists, Mirico strive to bring their customers the best unique collectibles. They started in 2017 and have launched many miniature busts over the past 2 years. You can find out more about the company here: Mirico

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